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Shipping and Handling


Affordable Generator will fill your generator with fluids (Diesel 15-40 oil and Anti freeze) and test-run it at our location.  When you receive the generator all you will have to do is fill it with diesel and connect the battery cables. We will electronically send the Automatic Transfer Switch information to you so you can forward it to your electrician. All other documents will be with the generator.


The generator will ship FOB from our warehouse 85040 zip code.


Affordable Generator does not book the shipping.  You will handle all of your shipping needs through  We use because they will extend the best freight rates in the nation to our customers. will handle the bill of lading, schedule the pickups and track all the freight for the customer. has the leverage with the big freight companies and handles insurance, claims and all the functions need to ship your product.  You will handle all of your freight with our contact Phil Gough.


Phil Gough

1-800-323-5441 x 1286