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Top Selling Home Standby Diesel Generators

These diesel generators are our best sellers for home standby. Our line of top selling diesel standby generators are made for those searching for an affordable yet reliable diesel standby solution. These generators are the best value on the market. Built with proven Perkins diesel engines and Yanan brushless alternators these units are built to last. Controlled by industry leading Deep Sea digital controllers, our units provide the user with near limitless control.
These top selling diesel generators are perfect for:

  • Home/business Standby
  • Solar backup/charging
  • Off Grid

Economy Series Features and Benefits

    World Class Perkins Engines
  • Parts readily available from Perkins Distributors
  • Low fuel consumption
  • EPA Tier 4 Certified Engines
    Brushless Alternators
  • Reliability
  • Parts
  • Service
  • Durability
  • Worldwide Support
    Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • Powder coated weather resistant enclosure
    Deep Sea Digital Controller 6020
  • Auto start when power goes out
  • Auto stop when power comes back on.
  • Worldwide technical support with programmable software download
  • Technical support for any field repair
  • Full online documentation
  • Trouble Shooting Symbols to assist owner on concerns with the generator
  • Safety Shutdown features to protect the engine and generator from damage
  • Totally digital with few points of contact to the engine to increase reliability
  • Exercise Features and Daily Start and Stop programmable.
    12 to 100 Gallon Base Fuel Tank, Depending on the Unit
  • Generator will run for days when power goes out.
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AGPE-13S Silent Perkins Generator 25kW OEM Generator with Perkins Engine, Base Tank and Deep Sea 6020 Digital Controller AGPE-25S Silent Perkins Generator
Our Price: $9,800.00 Multiple Unit Discounts Available
Setup Cost: $200.00
Our Price: $11,500.00 Multiple Unit Discounts Available
Setup Cost: $200.00
Our Price: $12,785.00 Multiple Unit Discounts Available
Setup Cost: $200.00
9KW Prime 13kw Standby
Perkins Engine
DSE6020 Digital Controller

27KW Standby
25KW Prime
Diesel Generator with Perkins Engine
Deep Sea 6020MKII Digital Controller

25KW Prime 30kw Standby
Perkins Engine
DSE6020 Digital Controller

AGDMS-30P Delta Surplus Diesel Generator 40kw Generator with Hatz 4H50 Tier 4 Final diesel engine.
List Price: $20,000.00
Our Price: $17,888.00
Setup Cost: $250.00
Our Price: $23,288.88 Dealer and Multi Unit Pricing Available
Standby KW: 30
Standby Surplus Generator

41KW Standby
40KW Prime
Hatz 4H50 Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine
Deep Sea 6110MKII Digital Controller
Compact Size