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Facts you should know before purchasing a Standby Generator


Why should you purchase a Diesel Engine?


For back-up power systems diesel generators are the ultimate choice.  Diesel engines run at lower RPM’s and offer up to three times or more fuel economy over other types of engines.  Diesel engines have long operational life and the ability to handle heavier work loads then their LP and Gasoline counterparts.  Diesel engines use much less fuel than gas or propane.





1.     Diesel fuel is much more fuel efficient than gas. 

a.     It burns less than half the fuel of gasoline to meet the same power demand.  Unlike gas engines diesels have no spark plugs to replace or carburetors to rebuild or have serviced.

2.     Diesel IS cheaper than gasoline. 

a.     Though gasoline may be cheaper at the pump in the long run(life of your generator)  the fuel efficiency of diesel will put more money in your pocket than gasoline.

3.     Diesel engines regularly outlast gasoline engines. 

a.     Ask anyone who drives or operates machinery run with a diesel engine and they will convince you of the long lasting benefits of diesel.

4.     Diesels are simpler to design and construct making them easier to service.

a.     All of our engines are capable of being services my qualified diesel techs.  We stock and have access to every part for your generator.

5.     The diesel generator set is designed to run continuously allowing you to run the engine for thousands of hours before an overhaul is required.*

6.     Diesel exhaust is less toxic than gasoline exhaust.

a.     A well tuned diesel will produce no visible exhaust except briefly during changes in power loads.





Q: Why is diesel the fuel of choice among most large users such as hospitals, police and fire departments?

A: Diesel fuel is much more economical and safer than any other fuel available


Q: Liquid propane lasts “forever”  Isn’t that better than diesel?

A: NO! Diesel fuel has a very long life. In our experience, 1 year is not out of the ordinary and when treated with diesel fuel treatment up to two years is not unusual.  We know from real-life experience that we can return to a diesel engine that has not been run in a year, change the batteries, maybe a fuel filter and RUN THAT ENGINE with no adverse effects.


Although it is true that liquid propane has a very long shelf life when you have to have the quivalent amount, in relation to the amount you would need for diesel fuel, do you REALLY want that mch of a volatile product sitting on the shelf?  Remember that you need 2.36 gallons of LP gas to equal one gallon of diesel fuel.  Over twice the amount of disel fuel. ( Please note that 1 gallon of LP gas equals 4.23 pounds at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.)


Q:  But I can just hook up NG and LP to our neighborhoods service right? 

A:  Not if you want to use it for standby power.  When the tornado hits the main service or the Hurricane water contaminates the pipe lines.